Order Taking Services

As much as possible, we do not want our business, especially our customers to experience downtimes when receiving orders! It would be great to have a 24/7 order-taking service that can help you capture all your orders with efficiency, to maximize sales and improve customer experience when placing orders. We have teams of live operators that can provide this incredible service for your business!

Accuracy in Processing Orders

Ensuring accuracy in order-processing is the foundation of the whole order-taking process. Once you decide to outsource your order-taking answering service to Intelliworx Ph, you can let our team take care and ensure that the order details are clear and accurate with the necessary information. Making sure we get accurate details to prevent problems in the future.

Outsourcing this service to Intelliworx Ph cuts you of the hassle and costs of recruiting, training and maintaining the agents to perform these jobs for you. Our team professionally minds and takes care of your order-taking process so you can focus on growing your company. Additionally, it gives you the assurance that the outsourced Intelliworx Ph team will do their best in providing you the quality services that your business and customers deserve.

Outsourcing Order-Taking Services Improve Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Intelliworx Ph ensures you that call-handling is taken professionally and efficiently. This means that when a company’s workforce is not enough to handle customer queries, we can help by decreasing your customer’s queue time, eliminating unanswered calls, unresolved issues and many more. In effect, your customers will be more satisfied with your overall service.

Why Choose Intelliworx Ph as your Order-Taking Call Center

Intelliworx Ph was organized as an agency with the following advantageous factors over other service providers:

  • Reasonable Pricing models and Contract Terms

  • Competent team agents with efficient supervision

  • Reliable equipment and vibrant work culture

With these advantages, our aim is to eliminate your worry about the reliability and productivity of your customer service. We may be a newcomer but we want to ensure that your business is taken care of professionally and intelligently. Our team at Intelliworx Ph will bring your order-taking process to the next level!

Email: info@intelliworxph.com