Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales Call Center

Your company’s marketing campaigns should be combined with efficient sales and customer service to better generate a greater number of sales. As phone calls regarding inquiries or orders come, you need to have an excellent team who is prepared to address those calls so you never have to miss another business opportunity! Enhance your business growth by outsourcing your inbound sales call center with skilled and professional agents!

What exactly is Inbound Sales Outsourcing?

Inbound Sales Outsourcing is a business term used to describe an activity where a company signs a contract with a service provider to handle their customer inquiries regarding their products/services and eventually convert them into sales. The handling of customer calls in this activity also includes upselling, should there be opportunities to do so. Having a Philippine agency such as Intelliworx Ph would be a great advantage for your business because we specialize in agents who are fluent in English and have a skill set for promoting different kinds of products or services. These will all be performed in a professional and organized manner by our team.

Inbound Sales vs. Outbound Sales

Inbound Sales basically refers to a call initiated by a customer or a client who is generally seeking for a discussion about your products/services. An outbound sales, on the other hand, is when your agents/team voluntarily reach out to prospects or customers based on a valid reference of leads. Both activities have an end goal of generating a sale after each call. Having an inbound sales, however, ensures you that the business opportunities coming in your company’s way are being addressed and not missed!

Outsourcing the Right Team Is an Excellent Inbound Sales Strategy

At the point of the call, the customer might not be ready to buy from you, they might be simply inquiring. With polite probing and kind assistance, you can direct customers to buy from you or them considering your brand/product when the purchase time comes. Our team at Intelliworx Ph offers you a team of agents who have great communication skills and has a background on certain sales techniques that can increase the chances of generating greater sales through inbound calls from customers. With a high-quality call and customer service, we can improve your customers’ experience and make your brand stand out from the rest. Our agents are also highly-adaptive and can be easily trained to follow your business goals and service objectives.

The Benefits of Outsourcing and Inbound Sales Call Center

  • Outsourcing an inbound sales team can help you save up on operational costs

  • Having a professional team that specializes in inbound sales call improves your customers’ experience at a lower cost compared to direct hiring

  • With a more focused and skilled team, there are more opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling products that can definitely increase your revenue.

  • You can ensure that all calls are addressed 24/7 in your preferred channels. This means no inbound opportunity is missed!

  • You do not have to go through the process of training your agents or setting up human resources. Intelliworx Ph will ensure that that is being handled professionally.

Intelliworx Ph’s Inbound Sales Services Team

Intelliworx Ph, as a Service Provider of an Inbound Sales Team, offers you of the following:

  • Professionalism and discretion in the workplace in handling your data

  • Expertise and Specialization in addressing sales calls

  • Proper documentation of minutes of the calls

  • High quality of discussions between agents and customers

  • Covering of all important points in an inbound sales call as per the client’s requirements

  • Achieving average targeted Sales conversion rate from the amount of leads that will be covered