Email Support

Provide fast, intelligent and professional responses to your customers and increase your initial contact problem resolution!

Email is a vital business tool used on a daily basis. Because of this, it has a great effect on the productivity of employees taking away around 25% of their workday which could be used to accomplish more important tasks.

The good news is Intelliworx Ph is here to help! We offer email support services to help your business provide better support to your customers with professionalism, speed, and efficiency. Our company has a great team of email support representatives fully equipped with customer service skills, training, and tools. Rest assured that we are here to take care of your customers by addressing their concerns in a friendly and timely manner.

Intelliworx Ph email support services consist of the following:

(1) Customer service

(2) Order taking

(3) Problem resolution

(4) Technical support

Outsourcing email support to Intelliworx Ph assures you of the following benefits:

(1) Intelligent, professional and timely responses that may help maintain/create good client relationships.

(2) Reasonable rates, cost-effective services and convenient

(3) Improvements in customer satisfaction

(4) Guaranteed return on investment

(5) Higher employee productivity in your company